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An old friend phoned the other day. He never phones. But this time he just had to know: "What are you doing living in Florence?"
He thought I was in Florence, Italy. I told him it was Florence, Massachusetts.
Here are some answers -- my occasional wanderings through Florence, MA and the surrounding Pioneer Valley.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guess Florentina's New Fave Hangout

Can you guess where this is?
I was in a bookstore in downtown Northampton this morning while Joey was at the dog spa, and I overheard the newest gossip. A regular customer was chatting with the salesclerk about the newest cafe and who was running it. It's all modern looking, and serves all those fancy coffees, she said. It's also only the second day of operations. I paid for my book, The Man in the Wooden Hat by Jane Gardam (Europa Editions, 2009), and wandered out.

Because of the lengthy wait for Joey, I had a lot of time on my hands. I had reading and knitting to occupy myself, and needed something along the lines of a coffee and muffin. So I made my way to this new cafe and strode in confidently.

It was very quiet, and the staff were ready to help out. A french press coffee of the day, and an excellent blueberry muffin quickly made their way out to me, and we went to sit at a window seat together. From my window seat I could see this in the cafe.

This moment is specially aimed at El Señor, my friend who called me up to ask why I was living in Florence, Italy. El Señor presently lives in a place where he claims there aren't many places where they put plates of food in front of you according to your whims, and give you a special feeling while doing so. El Señor and I, along with Joey's dad, all went to graduate school in Madison, Wisconsin, where Florentina spent a lot of time in a cafe that had this same look. Finding this special place today really marked a high point, a kind of return to the land of the lotus eaters.

If you can guess the name of this place, I will buy you the drink and snack of your choice. If you're the winner, you may redeem the reward at your leisure. I'll be watching the comments to see who wins! (El Señor is eligible to play.)

Some extra hints:

  • Joey's license was obtained across the street in a building that looks like a castle.
  • The cafe's name refers to something related to consumption.

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